BPL's Music Collection

Organization of BPL’s Music CD Collection

B Operas
BR Opera recitals
C Choral music
D Solo vocal music—classical
EA Orchestral music (not symphonies)
EB Ballet music
EC Concertos
ES Symphonies
F Chamber music
GG Guitar solos—classical
GO Organ solos—classical
GP Piano & other keyboard solos—classical
GS String solos (not violin)—classical
GV Violin solos—classical
GW Woodwind and Brass solos—classical
GX Miscellaneous classical solo instruments
I Electronic, Electronica
K Musicals
L Film and TV soundtracks
MB Blues
MC Country and Bluegrass
MG Gospel
MH Rap and Hip-Hop
MN New Age/meditation
MP Popular (Pop, Rock, R&B)
MQ Popular Collections
N Jazz
P U.S. and Canadian folk music
PN Native American music

  QA Africa
  QB Asia
  QC South Asia
  QD Pacific Ocean
  QE Europe
  QG British & Irish Isles
  QM Middle East
  QP Caribbean
  QS Latin America
  QX Misc. countries and collections

R Holiday music
S Sound effects and nature sounds
U Music minus one
W Wedding music

You may browse the shelves by artist or composer within categories. For instance, all Green Day recordings will be shelved together in the MP section. There are always exceptions, so be sure to check the catalog or ask the staff.
To browse a section of recordings on the computer Classic Catalog, you may:
     Search by: Call Number
     Then type in CD followed by the category code.
For example: to search for all rap & hip-hop cd’s, type in CD MH, then click on search.
All compact discs are reservable, just like books.

Learn more about the ANSCR Classification System for Sound Recordings

Organization of BPL’s Vinyl Collection

B        Songs
C        Choral Music
D        Solo instrumental
F        Chamber music
H        Concertos
L        Orchestral
LO        Operas (complete)

LB        Blues
LCW        Country & western
LF        Folk music
LG        Gospel
LK        Musicals & Soundtracks
LM        Popular music
LP        Jazz
LX        Holiday Music
N        World music

E        Educational
EM        Music minus one
ES        Sound effects & Environmental sounds
S        Spoken
SD        Drama
SH        Humor
SK        Radio shows
SP        Poetry
SR        Prose readings
SRA        Prose readings (abridged)

YP        Children’s