Use a Computer

Computer reservations will not be available until the Library re-opens our doors to the public. Please see the FAQ about currently available Library services.

Printing, Downloading and Saving

  • Print wirelessly.
  • Wireless printing instructions.
  • We have black-and-white printer/copiers.  Cost for printing and copying is 15¢ per page.
  • Our Central 5th Floor printer is color ONLY.  Color printing is $1.50 per page.
  • You may not print or copy using your own paper.
  • Each computer has a TempSave drive (T:) for temporarily saving documents that are erased when you log out.  This is the default location for all downloads.  You can change the location to your own USB drive (recommended)  Ask a staff person for help.


Computer Use Details

  • You may use up to three hours of library computer time daily.
  • You may log in up to 3 sessions daily.
  • To make a second reservation in a single day, the first session must be used and completed.
  • Computers are available from opening until 15 minutes before closing.
  • Headphones are attached to every desktop computer. 

Laptop Lending Program

  • Checkout a Laptop for in-library use at all locations with a valid library card after reading the details and signing our Laptop Lending Agreement.
  • Laptops only work on the Library’s wireless system.


  • We have internet enabled computers for the sole use of children.
  • We also have at least one educational game computer for children at each location.
  • Children's computers require a valid child's library card to log on.  They are not reservable.
  • As with library materials, parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for any monitoring or restrictions to their child's internet use.


  • To email from a library computer, you must use web-based email (such as gmail and yahoo).

User Responsibilities

  • Please report equipment problems to library staff.
  • It is illegal to physically or electronically modify computer equipment, or tamper with hardware or software (California Penal Code, Section 502 et. seq.)
  • Deliberate misuse of the computer or its components will result in loss of computer privileges; repair costs will be the responsibility of the user.
  • Violating another's right to privacy or harassing other users or library staff are prohibited, and will result in loss of computer use privileges.
  • The Library is not responsible for any loss or corruption of data or files resulting from use of public computers.
  • Each time a patron logs onto an Internet Access computer, they must agree to the terms of use.

Privacy Policy

Internet Use Policy

Need Computer Help?