Board of Library Trustees

The Berkeley Public Library is administered by a Board of Library Trustees [BOLT], the only appointed administrative Board in the City. The Board consists of five Berkeley residents; one member of the Board must also be a member of the City Council.

Members of the Board are appointed for four year terms by the City Council as a whole.

Current Members are:

  • Diane Davenport (term expires 05/15/2019*)
  • Sophie Hahn (City Council liaison appointment expires 01/31/2019*)
  • Judy J.Hunt (term expires 04/03/2021*)
  • Amy Roth (term expires 01/03/2022)
  • John Selawsky (term expires 05/16/2020*)

* = eligible for reappointment

The Board of Library Trustees meets regularly on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 P.M. Rescheduling sometimes occurs; call the Library Administrative office at 510-981-6195 to verify time and date. Meeting locations are subject to change. Please check the current agenda packet to confirm location and time. The packet is available at all Library location and online.

2018 Meeting Schedule


BOLT Contact Library Contact

Contact Us (Library Administration) 
Elliot Warren, Acting Director of Library Services,
BOLT Secretary 510-981-6195

Next Meeting and Meeting Materials



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Minutes PDF File

07/18/2018 Regular Meeting


.mp3 .wma  
06/08/2018 Bylaws Sub Committee Meeting Agenda      
06/06/2018 Regular Meeting Agenda .mp3 .wma minutes
05/03/2018 Bylaws Sub Committee Meeting Agenda     minutes
05/02/2018 Regular Meeting


04/04/2018 Regular Meeting Agenda .mp3 .wma minutes
03/07/2018 Regular Meeting Agenda .mp3 .wma minutes
03/01/2018  Bylaws Sub Committee Meeting


02/07/2018 Regular Meeting Agenda .mp3 .wma Minutes
01/03/2018 Regular Meeting Agenda .mp3 .wma Minutes

For agenda and minutes of BOLT meetings prior to 2017, look for the archives on the right side of this web page.

For agendas and minutes of BOLT meetings prior to January 2007, contact Library Administration at 510-981-6195.

Board of Library Trustees Meeting Policy - The Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) Meeting Policy provides BOLT with rules to consistently and efficiently carry out the public comment process and to ensure that the meetings are run with a level of decorum that aids the Board of Library Trustees in carrying out its required business.

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