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Hink's Department Store  Shattuck at Kittredge 1952
Hink's Department Store Shattuck at Kittredge 1952

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From auto repair shops to doctors to plumbers to vets,  Checkbook helps you find the best local services—and avoid the worst.

The community comprises dedicated staff, who research prices and provide consumer advice, and thousands of members, who write reviews and provide ratings based on their real-life experiences.  Consumers' Checkbook never takes money from the reviewed companies so you can rely on the site to be independent and objective.

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Science and Math is the world's largest nonprofit product-testing organization and has been helping subscribers find better, safer products for 80+ years. In addition to thousands of product ratings and reviews of appliances, electronics and more, you will find in-depth advice, tips and trends written by Consumer Reports experts. includes Consumer Reports with Cars Best Deals Plus® to assist consumers looking for reliable information on new and used cars. Additionally, features extensive health content from Consumer Reports Online Health, a trusted and unbiased source of information designed to help consumers navigate the health care labyrinth.
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