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Newspapers Held in the Library

Berkeley Gazette
Call Number: Microfilm Cabinet Behind the Ref Desk
A near-complete collection of the newspaper from Nov. 1894 to March 1984.
Berkeley Advocate
Call Number: Microfilm Cabinet Behind the Ref Desk
1894-1897 is on microfilm, located in the microfilm cabinet behind the Reference Desk. Older, fragile copies from the 1870s exist in the History Room (call 510-981-6148 for an appointment to examine).
Berkeley Barb
Call Number: Various
Hard copies from 1965-1973 can be located in newspaper storage in the History Room; microfilm copies from 1965-1980 are in the Underground Press Collection
Berkeley Sun & Letter
Call Number: Various
Berkley Reporter
Call Number: Microfilm Cabinet Behind the Ref Desk
Our collection covers 1906-1909.
Berkeley Voice
Call Number: Microfilm & Newspaper Storage
Our collection covers from 1984-2006
Call Number: Microfilm and Newspaper Storage
Our collection covers:
Hard copy: Vol. 1 no. 1 (July 1972) to "the last one" (June 1986) located in Central Historic Newspaper Storage.

Microfilm: July 1974 to July 1980 located in the microfilm cabinet behind the Central Reference Desk.


Underground Press Collection

The Underground Press Collection contains hundreds of 1960s & 1970s newspapers, mostly Leftist-oriented from all over the world.

Berkeley titles include:

  • AAPA Newspaper
  • The Ally
  • Alternative Features Service
  • Berkeley Barb
  • Berkeley Citizen
  • Berkeley Monitor 
  • Berkeley Tribe
  • Black Politics
  • Brother
  • Despite Everything
  • Dragon
  • The Goodfellow Review of Crafts
  • I.S. /International Socialist
  • Indigena
  • It Ain't Me Babe
  • Modern Utopian
  • Out City
  • Pack Rat 
  • The Rabid One /Enrage
  • Shmate
  • Southeast Asia Chronicle
  • Trashman
  • Vision
  • War Bulletin
  • Yellow Dog

Local Newspapers on the Internet

Local Newspaper Databases

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The following local newspapers are available in full text with full-text searching.

A library card is required to use this database outside of the Library.

Berkeley Voice
11/2/2001 - present

Oakland Tribune
9/14/2001 - present

West County Times (Contra Costa Times, western edition)
6/1/1995 - present

San Francisco Chronicle
1/1/1985 - present