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At this time Library facilities, including meeting rooms, are closed to the public. Staff committees are working on phased reopening plans. Updates will be posted to the Library’s website. Please subscribe to the “Library Happenings” newsletter to receive timely updates, right to your inbox. 

The Library offers the Community Meeting Rooms at Central Library and the North, Tarea Hall Pittman South & West Branches for the instructional, recreational, and research needs of the Library and Berkeley-based community groups, organizations and government agencies at no charge. Events must be public-facing and open to the general public. 

Please note: The following uses of the meeting rooms are not allowed:

  • De facto private events such as social events, parties, memorial services, support groups, recruitments, or fundraisers, etc.; or by groups for which membership of some sort is expected.
  • Any campaign-related purposes, including supporting or opposing the election of a candidate or passage or defeat of a ballot initiative or measure.

Usage is limited to once per week. Reservations are taken no less than 2 weeks in advance and no more than 12 weeks in advance. Additional rules and regulations for the use of the rooms and equipment can be found in our Meeting Room Use Policy (Rules And Regulations For Use Of Library Grounds, Buildings, And Equipment For Meetings And Other Events). For information on specific community meeting rooms, please click on the room links below.

How to reserve a meeting room?
After reading the our Meeting Room Use Policy and determining that you or your organization meet the requirements, click on the Reserve a meeting room with [spaces] link below to check room availability and to submit a reservation request.

Reserve a meeting room with [spaces]

To reserve a meeting room for a single event follow these instructions.

* For recurring or repeating events, please contact staff at the library location you want to reserve for assistance.

Tarea Hall Pittman
South Branch
510-981-6195 510-981-6250 510-981-6260 510-981-6270

The Library also allows, for a fee, the use of the Electronic Classroom by groups and organizations when the room is not scheduled for activities sponsored in whole or in part by the Library. Visit the Electronic Classroom page for more information and reservation instructions.