Berkeley Public Library Hosts Special Digital Storytelling Workshop

June 30, 2016

Contact: Sarah Dentan
Acting Library Director
Berkeley Public Library


Berkeley Public Library Hosts

Special Digital Storytelling Workshop


The Berkeley Public Library invites you to come share your story, and learn the basics of Digital Storytelling, at a special two-day workshop: Friday July 22 & Saturday, July 23, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at the StoryCenter located at 1250 Addison St #104, Berkeley, CA 94702.

The workshop is part of California Listens, a summer long program at select public libraries throughout the state. California Listens is sponsored by the California State Library. The workshops will be led by Berkeley’s StoryCenter, the inventors of the Digital Storytelling method now used by schools and community organizations around the world.

In the workshop you will make your own short video on a computer. You will learn:

  1. How to Make a Great Video Story
  2. How to Write a Narration Script and Record It
  3. How to Prepare a Visual Treatment for your Story
  4. The Basics of Video Editing in WeVideo

The stories will become part of a state archive of stories about what it means to be Californian. Powerful and fun regardless of your creative experience or technical level! The workshop is free, but requires you to apply prior to attending. Contact Tom Dufour ( or 510-981-6134) or James Moore ( or 510-981-6260) to apply. Seats are limited, so contact us today!

The Agenda

The following is what will take place over the two days. It is intensive, but it is also quite fun and powerful.


Day 1

9 am Introductions

9:15am - Overview to Digital Storytelling/Seven Steps

10 am - Story Circle –Group concept and script feedback

12:30 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - Script and Image Work – Possible Voiceover recording

4:30 pm - Check-ins

5:00 pm - Workshop End


Day 2

9 am - Record Voiceovers- Gather Images

11 am - WeVideo Video Editing Tutorial

12 pm - Lunch

12:45 pm - Editing of Rough Edit

4:00 pm - Group Story Sharing of audio, partial drafts, or rough drafts

4:45 pm - Farewell and Follow-up

5:00 pm - Workshop Ends


In these workshops, we inevitably have material we will still need to “clean-up” after the workshop. We will communicate with you about our intentions in post producing the movie files. We expect this could take 1-5 hours of your time after the workshop. You will receive your own copy of the movie to use however you want.

The purpose of this project is to create an archive of these stories for the State Library and your local library. You understand that by participating in this project you are granting license to the State Library, the Berkeley Public Library, and StoryCenter, to manage and exhibit the story, and that all images, texts, moving images, sound or music used in your projects belongs to you, or you have appropriate license to use that material. You will be required to sign a release stating this as part of your participation.

To apply, contact:

Tom Dufour ( or 510-981-6134)

James Moore ( or 510-981-6260)

California Listens, Summer 2016 is sponsored by California State Library, in conjunction with Califa Group, StoryCenter, and the Berkeley Public Library.