Maps of the Berkeley Area Available Online

Below are digital links to some hard-to-find ancient maps of Berkeley and the area that was to become Berkeley.


Some Interesting Commercial Sites

The websites below document changes made over time in the Berkeley area.  The sites show Oakland-Berkeley areas (and many other places, too) as they looked in 1878, with the ability to overlay the historic maps over a modern Google map of the same areas. The library makes NO guarantee about purchasing from the website.


Maps in the Library

The Central Library has many historic maps of Berkeley, some cataloged, some not.  Most cataloged maps with a location of "Berkeley History Room" can be found in the Berkeley History Room in the wooden map case between the two doors.  Several large (mostly uncataloged maps) are located in the metal mapcase in the Central Library's Reference Desk Office.  Call 510-981-6148 for a History Room appointment to view these maps.


Berkeley Property / Tract Maps

The Berkeley History Room has a handful of 19th- and early 20th-century tract maps.  Some are in the mapcase behind the Reference Desk, some in the Swingle Collection.  Make a History Room appointment by calling 510-981-6148 to view these often fragile maps.

Some that are available for online viewing include:

  • Blake Tract No. 3, 1881
    Located in what is now downtown, bounded by Allston Way, Atherton Street (a street that does not exist anymore, lying one block to the East of Fulton Street), Bancroft Way, and Shattuck Avenue.
  • Edith Tract, 1890
    Located in North Berkeley, bounded by Cedar Street, Grant Street, Virginia Street, and Hamilton Street (now known as McGee Street).


Historic Berkeley Maps at other Libraries