Kenneth Tan Art Exhibit: "The Lola x Kenneth Collaboration"

Kenneth Tan art exhibit flyer
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Kenneth Tan Art Exhibit
on display through May 2023
@Central Library, 5th Floor

The Lola x Kenneth Collaboration is a project by Kenneth Tan and his grandmother, or "lola" in Tagalog, Crescenciana.

"When Lola was ninety-four years old, I moved back home to San Jose, CA, to help care for her, and we started working together. Lola made paintings in watercolor, and I drew her memories on top of them. When Lola passed, she left behind her paintings, and I decided to finish everything she started. I promised."

Kenneth Tan will lead a Meditative Drawing Workshop on Saturday, May 13th, 3:30-5pm, following the Fae Myenne Ng author event.

The artwork on display is also featured in Kenneth Tan's book, Crescenciana. Both the artwork and book will be available for sale in person or online:

 Crescenciana book cover by Kenneth Tan

Crescenciana tells the life story of Kenneth’s grandmother, Crescenciana Tan, who survived World War II and the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. The memoir contains illustrations that Crescenciana and Kenneth created together—Crescenciana made watercolor paintings, and Kenneth drew her memories on top of them.

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