Visual Arts

Exhibits and talks about photography and visual arts. Quilt show, etc.

Social Justice Sewing Academy @THPS

Join the Social Justice Sewing Academy in a group process of discussion, design and making of quilt blocks. No previous sewing or quilting experience required.

This program is part of the Tarea Hall Pittman Social Justice Series. This program honors the legacy of Ms. Pittman’s social justice activism that positively affected the lives of people in California. Programming topics and formats are diverse but the goal of each event is to bring awareness and promote discussions related to human rights, social privilege, and equal opportunity.

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African American Quilting with Peopleologie @West

Learn about quilting traditions and patterns passed down for generations from times of slavery and the Underground Railroad. Along with a slide show and touchable artifacts, you'll use math, geometry, and your imagination to create a shared wall-hanging (and maybe a second square to take home!) by re-purposing scraps.

Best for participants ages 5 and older.

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