Visual Arts

Exhibits and talks about photography and visual arts. Quilt show, etc.

Character Design Workshop @Central CMR

Join us in the 3rd floor Community Meeting Room for a drawing and character design workshop led by Ana Ramirez and Madeline Sharafian in cooperation with GLAS Animation Festival. Ages 12 and up are welcome at this free, hands-on workshop.
Ana Ramirez is a filmmaker and visual development artist originally from Mexico. Prior to her studies at CalArts, Ana attended ESMA in France where she completed the MANNAA and participated in various art shows. At Pixar, she is a visual development artist where she has worked on projects such as COCO.

Facing West Shadow Opera @Central CMR

Join us in the 3rd floor Community Meeting Room for Facing West Shadow Opera's production of "The Euphoria of Walt Whitman," a live Baroque puppet opera exploring queer poet Walt Whitman’s obsession with the traveling operas of the Wild West, phrenology, and the gold rush era. Shadow puppets are accompanied by live music written by Purcell, Monteverdi, Caccini, George Crumb and improvisation 
Facing West Shadow Opera hybridizes art forms to create unique performances, each akin to a live graphic novel with euphoria-inducing chamber music.