Wireless Access & Printing

Use our WiFi from your own laptop or mobile device without a library card. Connect to "BPL-Wireless" with the password "berkeley". WiFi is available from 7AM to 15 minutes prior to closing time, and 5 minutes after closing time until 10 PM at all library locations.

Wireless Printing

Our public printers accept requests from your web browser or USB. Start printing using our wireless printing services.

Read detailed instructions for wireless printing here. (pdf)

How to Connect

Newer laptops may automatically find the wireless network, you will need to put in the passcode "berkeley". If your device doesn't automatically connect, use this information:

Network name or SSID:BPL-Wireless
Mode or Network Type:Access Point or Infrastructure (not "Ad Hoc")
Network Properties:Use DHCP (Obtain an IP address automatically)
Security:Either WPA or WPA2
Network Key or Passcode: berkeley



Bring your own wireless-enabled device or borrow one from us

The Encryption protocol may not be supported by older devices.

Help and Troubleshooting

Special notes:

  • Only 802.11a, 802.11a/b/g are supported, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocols are not supported. 
  • Only HTTP and HTTPS communication to standard ports (80, 443) is supported. FTP, POP, and nonstandard HTTP and HTTPS ports cannot be used with the service.