Let’s Chat About: Astrology @THP South

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What’s up with the cosmos and what’s that have to do with us? In this exploration hour we’ll dig into our own charts, especially our sun, moon, and rising signs, and what it can help us learn about ourselves ~ and each other. We’ll also chat about July's cosmic transits and how that’s shaping our current experiences. Whether you know your chart deeply or you’re just curious about astrology, come by to chat about it! 

Note: You can find a free version of your astrology chart online if you have your birth date, time, and location. 

This is the first of two events for teens. The second, Let’s Chat About: Tarot will be on Friday, July 26. 

This learning series is facilitated by Bex Mui, M. Ed, she/her, a queer witch, energy worker, and spiritual organizer. Bex is also the founder and author of House Of Our Queer.

These free programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Berkeley Public Library (www.berkeleylibraryfriends.org)

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