Just for fun

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Drawing Group @Central CMR

in the 3rd floor Community Meeting Room

Whether you draw every day or just want to try something new, come and draw with us once a month on Saturday morning!
In even numbered months an instructor will guide us through projects designed to build our drawing skills or get us outside of our usual style of drawing.
In odd numbered months we can work on our independent projects together in an open drawing session.  
All skill levels, ages 12 and up, are welcome. 

"A Rose for Emily" @THP South CMR

Why should kids have all the fun?  Adults deserve storytimes, too. Join us for William Faulkner's "A  Rose for Emily", the darkly humorous tale of a Southern spinster whose secrets emerge posthumously, through the voices of her hometown neighbors.  With multiple readers, two kinds of puppets, sets and sound effects, it's Faulkner as you've never experienced him before.   After the reading, stay for a discussion of the story, genre and author. Intended for teens and older.