Kids Books for Summer 2023

Adult in a suit with an underwater helmet filled with fish and octopus standing next to a child with a crowd of people in the background
Dan Santat
Boy juggling a basketball trophy, a book, homework and two miature kids
Jerry Craft
Elephant with a strained expression wearing glasses
Mo Willems
Face of child with black short hair looking up from a book with a concerned expression
Young Vo
Five teenagers in a school lunch room
Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Child with black hair in a pony tail holding up two drum sticks standing next to taiko drums
Debbie Michiko Florence
A kid wearing green gloves, goggles, and a cape mid jump with a cityscape and two superheroes in the background
Jamar Nicholas
Child and adult sitting on a couch reading together
Anna McQuinn
Child with a short curly black hair with a cityscape in the background and framed by a rainbow of paletas or popsicles
Lucky Diaz
A kid with chin length hair leans back in a wheelchair while spinning a pie
Jamie Sumner
Girl holding a notepad and paper. A child with long hair holding a book and another child with short hair holding plates of food stand in the backgroundhind her
Kelly Yang
Child with short black wavy hair flying through the air with an arm reached forward among scattered school supplies
Maulik Pancholy
Drawing of a face with closed eyes half in blue shadow and half lit up in red framed by plants, cactus, a crescent moon
Donna Barba Higuera
Two children in helmets riding scooters on a road
Kelly Starling Lyons
Elephant with a strained expression wearing glasses
Mo Willems
Sad little dinosaur in overalls with a toy hanging out of their mouth and upturned chairs and books scattered around them
Ryan T. Higgins