Disability Resources: Center for Independent Living @Central

Community Outreach in the Library (COIL) is a Berkeley Public Library program that hosts various community organizations which provide information, referrals and resources to people experiencing homelessness. Some of these organizations may also provide services to people who are housed. The services are provided at the Central Library, 2090 Kittredge St., on the 2nd floor.

The schedule of services is as follows:

Berkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP): Wednesdays, 11:30 am - 1:00pm

Youth, Education, Advocacy, Housing (YEAH!): Wednesdays, 11:30 am - 1:00pm

The Lookout! Bookout! Bash @North

At The Bookout! Larry Livermore, Grant Lawrence (The Smugglers), Jon Ginoli (Pansy Division), Nick Wolfinger (Jüke), and Dr. Frank (Mr. T Experience) will read from their books. Larry Livermore has written two books: Spy Rock Memories and How To Ru(i)n a Record Label. Grant Lawrence has written two books: Adventures in Solitude and The Lonely End of The Rink, and has a forthcoming book titled Dirty Windshields about his band The Smugglers. Jon Ginoli has written one book: Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division. Dr.