India's Organic Farming Revolution @CentralCMR

Should you buy organic food? Is it just a status symbol, or is it really better for us? Is it really better for the environment? What about organic produce grown thousands of miles from our kitchens, in countries like India? Author Sapna Thottathil will explore these questions during a presentation featuring her new book, India’s Organic Farming Revolution: What it Means for Our Global Food System.

Green Smoothies Are Us: Blender Demo and Tastings: Food Day, 2014 @Central CSR

Green Smoothies, the blended beverage: come try the taste and health sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Health Coach, Esther Suarez, will show you the easy way to incorporate greens into your diet and give a big and easy boost to your health while tantalizing your taste buds too. You will learn how to make 3 smoothies: a tropical green smoothie, a savory smoothie and a popular kid's smoothie.