The Evolution of African-American Classical Music –Jazz, with Phavia Kujichagulia and Ma’at @Central

The Evolution of African-American Classical Music –Jazz. Come join musician and composer, Phavia Kujichagulia and Ma’at, a host of stellar musicians, for an eclectic journey through African-American music born from African influences, Negro spirituals, traditional blues and U.S. history. February 20, 2 PM - 4 PM, 3rd Floor Community Meeting Room., 2090 Kittredge St., Berkeley.

SAT Bootcamp @Central

Just in time for the March 5th test, two Wednesdays of prep for the SAT. Join us in the 3rd floor meeting room from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. These FREE sessions are a partnership between Study Smart Tutors and Berkeley Public Library. Materials provided. Priority to juniors. Space for 40. For more information call 510 981-6135 or email K. Finney.