Resumes: Yes! You CAN Drive Your Career Change

March 22, 2022 - 5:00pm (ended)

It is painful, and at times paralyzing, to wait and wonder after you submit your resume. Better to get into that driver’s seat, steer your course, and build a pipeline of resume submissions. Being proactive and doing a few things right will pay off in advantages in a complex job market. At this workshop you will learn ways to fuel your search, head in the right direction, and GO. Is your resume laser-focused on your purpose, message, and the mindset of reviewers? Can you compete more effectively by doing more research? Have you equipped your resume with key words and content relevant to the job posting? Are you using tools, training opportunities, and resources that can make a diference? Are your work samples top notch? Have you sharpened your interviewing skills? Are your stories of achievement soundbite-ready and at the tip of your tongue?

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