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World of Chinese Classical Music @Central

Hear a demonstration and learn about the history and background of nine different traditional Chinese musical instruments, led by Yuan Mingyuan.

Followed by an ensemble performance of:

Bowed String Instruments: Erhu, Pipa.
Plucked String Instruments: Lute, Zither. Wind Instruments: Flute, Hulusi, Suona.
Percussion: Drums, Drum Row.

Plus a bonus performance by John Guo from San Francisco Public Library on the Guqin!

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Early Music Concert @Central A&M

5th floor Art & Music

In partnership with the San Francisco Early Music Society, join us for a concert of Renaissance music performed on unusual wind instruments by the ensemble La Marina.  La Marina will also be performing at the biannual Berkeley Festival and Exhibition as part of The Fringe, a series of self-produced concerts by soloists and ensembles from around the world.  The Berkeley Festival and Exhibition runs from June 5-12, and brings internationally-renowned specialists in early music to Berkeley.  Find out more at

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