Super Cinema @ Central




April 2015: Now Showing at the Atomic Cafe: Films  of the Cold War

The Atomic Cafe is a 1982 documentary consisting of excerpts from 1940s and 1950s propaganda films meant to convince American citizens that the atomic bomb was no threat to their health and safety, but Communists were. In some way each of our films is a reflection of the tensions of the time.


CineKids Movie @Claremont

The latest CineKids movie is Welcome to the Space Show. Amane and her cousin Natsuki find and help what they think is an injured dog, but what is actually an alien on an important mission. Pochi, the alien, rewards the kids by taking them on an intergalactic adventure. Welcome to the Space Show was called "a sheer abundance of visual invention" by the New York Times. 

Ages 7 and up. Animation, 2010, 136 minutes.