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Fixit Clinic @THP South

Come fix your broken stuff with the support and guidance of volunteer and staff fixers! This workshop builds confidence and knowledge to fix your own things and to help your community fix theirs. 

Bring the following: broken electronics, gardening/ construction tools, small appliances, clothes, toys, etc., for assessment, disassembly, and possible repair. Workspace, tools, and guidance by volunteer fixers will be provided

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Adult Story Time: "A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud" @Claremont

Adult Story Time presents Carson McCullers' short story, "A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud".  An earnest young boy and a tired traveler engage in a poignant dialogue about the science of love.  We'll perform every word of McCullers' text.  After the performance, stay for refreshments and a discussion of the story, genre and author.

Would you like to read the story before the performance?  You'll find the text here.

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