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Summer Reading Kick-Off @North

Start Summer Reading in STYLE!  The North Branch celebrates the beginning of Summer Reading Season with the Eric Van James Trio, who will be gracing us with piano jazz renditions of standards all afternoon.  We'll also have decorate-it-yourself bookmark crafts and custom calligraphy so you'll never lose step of your reading.  An event for the whole family!

World of Chinese Classical Music @Central

Hear a demonstration and learn about the history and background of nine different traditional Chinese musical instruments, led by Yuan Mingyuan.

Followed by an ensemble performance of:

Bowed String Instruments: Erhu, Pipa.
Plucked String Instruments: Lute, Zither. Wind Instruments: Flute, Hulusi, Suona.
Percussion: Drums, Drum Row.

Plus a bonus performance by John Guo from San Francisco Public Library on the Guqin!