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"Margaret of Anjou" @Central CMR

3rd floor Community Meeting Room

Feminist Shakespeare? Yes!  British playwright Lauren Jansen-Parkes has fashioned a play incorporating Shakespeare and her own original text to tell the story of Margaret of Anjou, the de facto leader of England's House of Lancaster during the Wars of the Roses.  Arrived from France for an arranged marriage to King Henry VI, the young Margaret is pushed headlong into one of England's bloodiest disputes for power.  Actors will present short scenes, then join director Libby Vega and producer Carol Lashof for discussion.    

String Magic Fun@THP South

Learn how to do easy string magic tricks and make basic cat's-cradle-style string figures.  String figures and tricks come from cultures all over the world.  This timeless form of creative play can be done anytime, anywhere with just a loop of string!  Come learn a new skill that can become a family activity and a fun game.  Strings will be provided and each participant will get a special knotless loop of string to keep.  Ideal for ages 7.5 and up with a an accompanying parent to learn along with the child.