Just for fun

Games, Crafts, makerspace, recreational

Learn String Figures and Tricks@South

Learn easy cat's-cradle-style string figures and string magic tricks.  Make a boat, a house, a fish spear and more with just a loop of string.  String figures are found in native cultures all over the world and make a perfect family activity.  They are a timeless form of creative play that can be done anytime and anywhere - with just a loop of string.  

Puppet Art Theater's Frankenswine @ Claremont

A zany version of the classic Frankenstein story as told by a cast of pigs. Doctor Frankenswine and his trusty sidekick, Snout, have created a Frankenswine monster with bacon, pork chops and assorted quality lunch meats. Doctor Frankenswine's quest for a brain for his monster leads him to a loony madcap adventure with tons of Halloween silliness, confusion, and audience participation! Ages 4-7

Performers Showcase @Central

5th floor Art & Music

To celebrate the 10th Annual Staff Art Show, we highlight staff whose art doesn't fit in a frame or display case.  Experience the work of musicians, actors, playwrights, poets and puppeteers.  This program follows the Staff Art Show reception (1-2 pm), where you can meet the people who made the visual art on display throughout the month of October.