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World of Chinese Classical Music @Central

Hear a demonstration and learn about the history and background of nine different traditional Chinese musical instruments, led by Yuan Mingyuan.

Followed by an ensemble performance of:

Bowed String Instruments: Erhu, Pipa.
Plucked String Instruments: Lute, Zither. Wind Instruments: Flute, Hulusi, Suona.
Percussion: Drums, Drum Row.

Plus a bonus performance by John Guo from San Francisco Public Library on the Guqin!

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Tony Borders Puppets: Run with the Animals! @West

Run with the Animals or Animal Olympics - in this fun-filled puppet show, the animals learn their amazing abilities. This show combines comedy with facts about animals. A monkey with five hands? The world's best long AND high jumper? An animal who lifts the most weight just by standing up? Come and find out who those animals are! 

Ages 3-7

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