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The Grateful Dead Then and Now @Central CMR

The rise of the Grateful Dead occurred in lockstep with the hippie culture that took hold in the Haight-Ashbury in the mid-1960s. They were the band of choice at parties held by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters as they experimented with and popularized the use of LSD. The Dead collaborated with many other Haight musicians and played numerous free concerts during the Summer of Love. Unlike other bands of the period, they enjoyed great longevity, playing together for 30 years, with surviving members continuing to jam into the present day.
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36th Annual Quilt Show Tour @Central

2nd floor Reference Desk and Historic Lobby

Meet at the 2nd floor Reference Desk for a tour of our 36th Annual Quilt Show.  We've got antiques from the 1880s, and just-completed contemporary abstract works.  There's tremendous variety, history and art in our diverse show, which includes all sizes, from large bed quilts to postcards.  Come hear the stories behind the quilts, and meet some of the quilters and exhibitors.

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DIY Wood Coasters @Claremont

GoGo Crafts is back for a workshop showcasing fun techniques for painting on wood. Create and keep a drink coaster that is perfect for your next summer party or BBQ. All tips, tricks, and materials provided. All are welcome. Free. Call 510-981-6280 for more information. Made possible with a grant from the Friends of the Berkeley Public Library http://www.berkeleylibraryfriends.org/

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