Get your Bookface on – an all ages Instagram photo contest

Person holding a book of a face made of food in front of their face.

In celebration of National Library Week (April 7-14) we invite you to submit a self-portrait with the cover of a book in place of your face or body part. This is an all-ages contest.
Prizes for children, teen, and adult categories will be a $25 gift certificate to Pegasus Bookstore.
How to play:
1. Replace your face or body part with a book cover and take a picture
2. Email your picture to and include the following information: your name, age category (kids, teens, adults), and preferred way of being contacted. Submit your entry by April 14.
3. Vote! Like your favorite #berkeleybookface from April 15 until May 3, @berkeleypubliclibrary on Instagram. Like one #berkeleybookface per day. 
Bookface pics with the highest likes per category will be announced May 4.
For inspiration check out: #bookface on social media or this NY Times article.

Person holding a book cover of the face of Daughter of Moloka'i in front of their face.