More Information about City of Berkeley Documents

City of Berkeley Documents


The Berkeley Public Library has information about our city, the Bay Area, and beyond. Search our catalog by topic or title, if you know it (i.e. Uniform Crime Reports, Berkeley Bicycle Plan), or ask at the Reference Desk for further assistance.

We often have information available for temporary review, like Environmental Impact Reports about a proposed building project. Many of these are not formally cataloged. We keep these time-sensitive documents at our reference desk - usually, but not always, at the Central Branch - in boxes labeled “EIR” or “Public Review.”  Documents of lasting value to the Berkeley community, or with historical significance, are cataloged and added to the library's permanent collection.

Berkley's Open Government Ordinance


The Open Government Ordinance, also known as the "sunshine ordinance," ensures that community members have access to public meetings and public documents. California’s Brown Act and Public Records Act make basic guarantees to everyone in the state regarding access to public meetings and documents.

Berkeley's ordinance covers four primary areas: the agenda process, conduct of meetings, access to records, and oversight.  Under each of these areas are several requirements for public access to City records, information, and meetings.  This page acts as a clearinghouse for the various documents and information guaranteed to citizens under the Berkeley Open Government Ordinance (OGO).  The provisions of the ordinance became effective April 9, 2011.