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Cover of the audiobook Unbroken by Laura HillenbrandThis book is about a very energetic child who loves to run. But as he grows up he runs around stealing stuff and breaking into places and he is just all over the place. At one point he gets chased by the police and his brother realizes that he can really run. But he also realizes he doesn’t have to run for those things or from those things, he can just run! When he gets in trouble with the Principal he is told he can’t be on any sports teams, but his brothers asks if he could be put on a running team. The Principal finally gives in and puts him on a running team and he loves it. He loves it and he’s good at it and he eventually goes into the Olympics in Berlin. But World War II breaks out and he has to join the Air Force and fight against Japan. And this is where the book starts getting really sad. Lots of people die and his plane crashes. But he survives and ends up on a raft for 47 days without any food. And then finally he gets captured by the Japanese and has to figure it all out. And that’s where I will stop because I don’t want to do spoilers. But I loved this book. I recommend it to high schoolers and older teens and grown-ups because it is more sophisticated. And it’s not all serious, there are some jokes in there and things so it’s also funny, kind of. It was a good book and a true story. It was really good as an audiobook because the narrator has such a unique voice. I’m really scared to see the movie because it’s really depressing and scary and think the dark parts might be too dark as a movie. But you should read the book!

Reviewed by Anna – 9th grade

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Cover of Wonder Woman DVDI would suggest this movie for all people. It was really good and it definitely teaches people about a lot of things. It is funny in some parts and it has a lot of action parts and it’s based in World War I so you see WWI planes and the mustard gas that was used in WWI and other historical things. That was really interesting. It is an entertainment movie but if you know your history or you’re in school and learning about WWI that just makes it more interesting to see how what you learned is in the movie. Also, I heard that they restricted this movie in some countries which is messed up. I think everybody should have the right to see it – not just for its power but the meaning behind it and her being a superhero. People who like superheroes should definitely see it. And even people who don’t like superheroes should still go see it because you see how women really don’t need men all the time the way she portrays herself. The women’s empowerment part of the movie was what I think was the most interesting part of the movie. She wants to be her own woman but her mom wants to keep her on their island. But she wants to be free and show the world who she can be as a woman and how even the guy that’s with her doesn’t stop her from doing anything. She’s her own person. I definitely recommend it for women and men because that’s a lesson everyone needs to learn!

Reviewed by HM – 11th grade

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Hi my name is Oscar and welcome to my review of Noragami! Noragami is a story about a small god with barely any followers and a normal human named Hiyori. Hiyori ends up in front of a bus (like you do) and Noragami saves her by pulling her soul out of her body so she falls unconscious. While Hiyori’s body is getting shuffled off to her parents’ hospital, her soul is off in the spirit realm with Noragami. And after that, Hiyori lives in both worlds. In the real world she seems normal except that she has fainting spells. But when she passes out in the real world it is because Noragami periodically pulls her spirit out of her body so they can go on weird adventures fighting demons and dealing with other gods and even sometimes going to the gods’ realm. This book is filled with funny characters like the goddess of calamity who nobody wants to be friends with (wherever she goes calamity follows) and the weird blonde kid whose spirit is summoned by Noragami to be a weapon. Hiyori herself becomes a soul weapon for a knowledge god which could be confusing. People aren’t necessarily weapons, but when summoned by gods they can serve that purpose (sort of like in Soul Eater). But readers can keep track because when she is in her soul form Hiyori has a cat tail that is also the link from her soul to her body.  Eventually she creates a shrine for Noragami and becomes his follower – like the only one – and brings offerings. This manga can get pretty dark and there are some arcs where there is a lot of depression.

I recommend this series to fans of shonen, people who like Naruto or DragonBall but maybe have outgrown those.

Reviewed by Oscar – 11th grade

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