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Cover of Otomen by Aya KannoI love this series! It has all those clichés that you think about in a typical shojo manga but in reverse. The guy is into all this really girly stuff and the girl is really manly and they have to deal with other people’s views of them. The main character’s mother thinks he should be more tough and gets “sick” whenever he doesn’t act manly enough, even though she is faking it. Throughout the two main characters try to hide what they actually feel, and so there’s a lot of drama about just being who you want to be instead of trying to match your parents view of who they want you to be or what they think someone should be. This is for manga fans that are young teens to anybody, really. It’s a good series. Read it!

Reviewed by Oscar – 9th grade

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Cover of Movie String Quartets

I recommend the music of the composer John Williams. He wrote the music for Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, ET and Superman. You can tell right away that a soundtrack is by him because it has his mark on it – like it has John Williams implanted in it. It’s staccato-ish, it’s forceful, it’s fast-forward and on the beat.

If you watch the movies you remember when the music plays during the movie. So whenever you listen to the music, then you remember what happens when that song plays. Like Hedwig’s theme in the first Harry Potter movie – it’s the first time we see Harry – and you’re going to remember that! And then for different parts, he will use the same theme (the same musical main part) but with a different surrounding in the background so it’s a little different. And that way you can tell when something in the movie is related to something else. And the music necessarily goes with the pictures so you remember the scenes because of the music.

But John Williams is not just for people who knows the movies. Everybody should listen to his music, even newborn babies! Well, maybe not Vader’s Theme for newborns, but yeah…I really like John Williams.

Reviewed by Anna – 9th grade
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Cover of the Hate U GIve by Angie ThomasI loved this book because it was full of tension and drama and it was just really interesting. It relates to black history and things that we are learning at school: race, ethnicity, and that stuff which I enjoy learning. It is connected to what’s going on in the world right now, current events. So I recommend this book to teens and anyone who’s really interested in ethnic studies and race because it talks a lot about what’s been going on.

Reviewed by Suhera - 9th grade
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