Homelessness in Berkeley: a Community Resources Event

How is the City of Berkeley addressing homelessness? Who is providing services and what are they? Find out at this special event! The entire Berkeley Community is invited to drop in between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and engage with representatives from service provider organizations and city agencies of Berkeley and Alameda County. In addition we will have special topic sessions for everyone in the 4th floor Story Room.

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Extremophiles: Grasping an Understanding of Life in the Universe.

Are we alone in the Universe? Do organisms living in extreme conditions on earth suggest life is possible on other worlds? How did we get here? What does a giraffe have in common with a mosquito? What makes extremophiles extreme, who’s to say? Join Dr. Felisa Wolfe-Simon for an exciting discussion of these and many other questions about understanding the survival of life in the Universe. She will also cover the field of Astrobiology from a wide variety of perspectives. Currently working with wild fermentation, Dr.

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Chocolate Tasting @THPS

Come try many kinds of chocolate including common milk and dark varieties, some with nuts or fruits, and even bars with unusual flavors. After tasting and discussing participants will vote on their favorite. Which chocolate will come out on top?

This event brought to you by the Tarea Hall Pittman South Branch teen leadership group and is sponsored by the Friends of the Berkeley Public Library.

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