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Hi my name is Oscar and welcome to my review of Noragami! Noragami is a story about a small god with barely any followers and a normal human named Hiyori. Hiyori ends up in front of a bus (like you do) and Noragami saves her by pulling her soul out of her body so she falls unconscious. While Hiyori’s body is getting shuffled off to her parents’ hospital, her soul is off in the spirit realm with Noragami. And after that, Hiyori lives in both worlds. In the real world she seems normal except that she has fainting spells. But when she passes out in the real world it is because Noragami periodically pulls her spirit out of her body so they can go on weird adventures fighting demons and dealing with other gods and even sometimes going to the gods’ realm. This book is filled with funny characters like the goddess of calamity who nobody wants to be friends with (wherever she goes calamity follows) and the weird blonde kid whose spirit is summoned by Noragami to be a weapon. Hiyori herself becomes a soul weapon for a knowledge god which could be confusing. People aren’t necessarily weapons, but when summoned by gods they can serve that purpose (sort of like in Soul Eater). But readers can keep track because when she is in her soul form Hiyori has a cat tail that is also the link from her soul to her body.  Eventually she creates a shrine for Noragami and becomes his follower – like the only one – and brings offerings. This manga can get pretty dark and there are some arcs where there is a lot of depression.

I recommend this series to fans of shonen, people who like Naruto or DragonBall but maybe have outgrown those.

Reviewed by Oscar – 11th grade

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Cover of the book Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi AdeyemiChildren of Blood and Bone is a new and refreshing fantasy story set in a world inspired by West Africa. Tomi Adeyemi creates a rich and dazzling magic system with flaws as well as strength. In a world full of fierce opposition to the magic of the land, the main characters must go through the bias and isolation that comes with being a minority, a remarkably similar experience to what happens to discriminated groups in our very real world. Among power and corruption, the protagonists must fight to keep magic a part of their world.

Children of Blood and Bone is so unique because of the way the way it so seamlessly combines the common tropes and plotlines often seen in young adult literature with the slightly darker and more serious topics of oppression. Below the surface of romance and action, the book has deep underlying messages that have to do with civil rights, equality and racism. The author comments on how quickly humans are to cast an entire race, class or group as less than human and unworthy. To integrate such deep and difficult topics as these and still have an engaging and entertaining story is a great achievement. Overall, Children of Blood and Bone is a very unique and entertaining book that many different kinds of people can enjoy, discuss and connect with.

Reviewed by Leyla – 9th grade

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I really like this song because it’s really upbeat and makes me work faster. Whether I’m doing homework or work-work, it gives me more energy. I recommend it to anyone who likes alternative music. If you want music that gives you energy or keeps you upbeat, you should listen to this. I would recommend it to people of any age, but some parents might not want little kids to listen to it. But that depends on the kind of parent I guess.

Reviewed by HM – 11th grade

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