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Cover of the Hate U GIve by Angie Thomas

I loved this book because it was full of tension and drama and it was just really interesting. It relates to black history and things that we are learning at school: race, ethnicity, and that stuff which I enjoy learning. It is connected to what’s going on in the world right now, current events. So I recommend this book to teens and anyone who’s really interested in ethnic studies and race because it talks a lot about what’s been going on.

Reviewed by Suhera - 9th grade
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Cover of 100 Questions You'd Never Ask Your Parents

I liked this book about sex because it tells you what happens. In there it teaches you how to have protection and what you should allow and what you shouldn’t allow and what you’re supposed to do and different things like that. I recommend it to pre-teens and teenagers. Adults aren’t teenagers but they could read it to teach their children, too. It is an instructional non-fiction book about physical bodies and emotional bodies and relationships – all of it.

Reviewed by AS - 7th grade
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Cover of Garfield Gets In A PickleI would like to recommend the Garfield books. It is a series of books about a very lazy, yet smart cat. Garfield is a really funny cat and he has a weird way of just making other people laugh. Whenever I’m feeling down, then I pick up a Garfield book and I feel better the next minute. I would recommend this book to anyone - even if you’re a baby because then your parents can read it to you! And even if you don’t understand you could look at the pictures and laugh. So yeah, go read Garfield!

Reviewed by Suhera - 9th grade
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