Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Station in use

West Branch is now home to an Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) station! Did you know, as a LEED Certified and Net Zero sustainable building, the West Branch of the Berkeley Public Library generates more electricity than it uses? This electricity is being put to good use, providing power to electric and hybrid vehicles in Berkeley and beyond. So, come to West Branch, plug in your car and come inside and enjoy your neighborhood library!

In addition to the West Branch EVC, you can find additional charging stations provided by the City of Berkeley at these locations:

  • Oxford Garage, underground
  • Telegraph/Channing Garage
  • Berkeley Marina
  • West Branch Library

Note: These are all dual-port charging stations able to charge two EVs at the same time.  The West Branch Library is the only solar-powered station and is located on the street. All of the City's EVCs are managed through Chargepoint.


How much does charging cost?
Charging costs $1.50/hour in addition to parking fees.

What is next for the City?
When the new Center St. garage comes back on line, it will have 20 charging stations ready to go, with the potential to increase it to 57 charging spots.
How can I learn more?
Visit the City's Web page at: