Land Acknowledgement

Berkeley Public Library buildings are built on the territory of xučyun (Hooch-yoon), within the homeland of the Chochenyo (Cho-chen-yo) speaking Ohlone (Oh-low-nee) people. We acknowledge and honor the Ohlone people, who have lived in Berkeley and throughout the East Bay since time immemorial. The Library recognizes that Berkeley residents have and continue to benefit from the use and occupation of unceded stolen land, and we pledge to recognize the permanence and the rich contributions that the Ohlone people continue to bring to the City of Berkeley and throughout the East Bay. We celebrate the strength of the Ohlone people and their culture. The Berkeley Public Library is committed to helping create a more just and anti-racist society and to furthering the visibility and celebration of Ohlone authors who are specific to the East Bay and Ohlone culture in our collections and programming.


This is a living document that was co-written by Ohlone cultural leaders Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino and the Berkeley Public Library.

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