Discover & Go Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I have to use my pass? Once I’ve printed it out, can I use it again later?

Passes are valid only for a specific date. After that date, your pass will no longer be valid.

How many passes can I reserve at once?

You can reserve up to two passes at once (there is no limit to total passes used). Some venues allow only one pass per cardholder per year.

I printed out my pass. Can I change my reservation?

Sorry, once passes are printed, reservations cannot be cancelled or changed. It is advisable to check that you have selected the correct date and venue before printing passes.

I printed out my pass and lost it! What do I do now?

If you haven’t taken the printed pass to the museum and had it scanned, you still have the ability to print out that same pass. Please be advised that the pass is still only valid for the date that you reserved. This is not an additional pass, but a copy of your original. Once it is scanned, or when the date has passed, it will no longer work.

I haven’t printed out the pass yet. Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel a pass that has not been printed by logging into your Discover & Go account and clicking on "Cancel Pass."

**If you have gone to print preview or clicked the link in the confirmation email, it then assumes you have printed, even if you have not. There is no way to cancel a reservation once you have clicked the link in the confirmation email.

What if I reserved the pass, but my spouse/nanny/partner would like to the kids to the venue?

The person whose library card is used to reserve the pass must show their ID when redeeming the pass at the venue. You must present picture ID at the venue in order to use the pass and it must match the name on the pass.

Who can reserve museum passes on Discover & Go?

Access to museum pass reservations is limited to Library cardholders who are 14 years of age and older who reside in the City of Berkeley. Children's cards cannot be used to make reservations on Discover & Go. The number of passes available and terms of use are set by the participating organizations.

Please be advised: There are variations in rules and restrictions among participating venues and how the passes may be used.

Please be certain to read about restrictions, number of people admitted, and other details about each specific venue.