Research & Learning for Teens

Q. What’s an online resource?
We subscribe to online resources that are searchable collections of articles. These articles may come from newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, encyclopedias, government publications, and other kinds of information from reliable sources. 
Q. Why not just use Google?
A. Google is a search engine. Search engines can’t turn up most of the authoritative sources you need to write your papers. Remember, anyone can post anything to the Internet.
Q. What if the teacher says we can't use the Internet?
A. Using our online resources is not the same as using the Internet. The information you find in our online resources is often a digitized version of what you would find in a reference book, a newspaper, a magazine, or an encyclopedia.
Search engines like Google are great for a lot of things, but when it comes to high school-level research, your library’s online resources are much more useful. For more information about evaluating websites see the CRAAP Test.

Differences between online resources and search engines 

Online ResourcesSearch Engines
Content is selected and reviewed by experts.No one reviews the content to see if it’s reliable.
Information is organized in a deliberate and useful way. Information is often not organized.
Your public library pays for this quality-controlled information.Free to anyone with computer access.