Perks of Your Card

With your card you can:

Loan Periods

Most items can be renewed within 7 days of their due date. The new due date is calculated from the time of renewal, not from original due date.

 Loan PeriodRenew
Book21 days2 renewals
Book on CD/MP321 days2 renewals
DVD/Blu-ray21 days2 renewals
Magazine21 days2 renewals
Music CD/Vinyl21 days2 renewals
Tools3 or 7 daysyes
Link+21 days1 renewal
Laptop2 hoursno
  • All library materials except tools may be returned to any Berkeley Public Library location.
  • Tool Library items must be returned to the Tool Library during its open hours.
  • We send email notifications once your item is 2 weeks overdue.
  • We mail you a replacement bill when your item is 5 weeks overdue.
  • You can always refer to your checkout receipt or my account to check your due dates.

Fines and Payments

 Fines per day
Book on CD/MP3$0.25
Music CD/Vinyl$0.25

Children's items have no overdue fines.

  • Patrons 60 years of age and above are considered seniors. Fines for seniors are $0.10 each day - except for DVDs, Blu-rays, and tools.
  • Your account will be blocked if your fines exceed $10.00.
  • Fines can be paid online or at any library location during open hours. We accept cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa. If paying with check or credit card, have a photo ID available.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items

We charge replacement fees for lost or stolen items. This fee is the price of the item and a non-refundable $15.00 fee. Your account will be blocked if you have not returned an item by the time a bill is sent for it. If the items are not returned within 8 weeks after the due date, and you owe $50.00 or more, you will be referred to a collection agency. If so, you will be charged a $20.00 non-refundable fee in addition to our bill.

If an item is returned damaged, you will be charged for repair or replacement of the item, and a non-refundable $15.00 fee.

  • Link+ is a cooperative project among dozens of academic and public libraries that allows for us to share books.
  • As part of a member library, you can electronically request a book not available in our library system and it will be delivered to one of our libraries.

  • Link+ may be accessed directly, or by clicking on “Link+” when viewing local search results.

  • Books may be borrowed if they are listed as "available" in the Link+ catalog. (Some books may not be available for request based on the lending libraries discretion)

  • The book usually arrives at one of our libraries in 2 to 6 days and will be held for 10 days.

  • The loan period is 21 days, with the option of one renewal. Items can be renewed 3 days before their due date. When there is a hold on the item at its lending library, it cannot be renewed.

  • There is no charge to request or borrow Link+ books.

  • The overdue fine for Link+ books is $1.00 per day.

  • The fee for lost or damaged Link+ books is $115.00.

Circulation Notices

We send notices by email, phone, and mail. You may update your method of notification at any of our libraries or by accessing my account.

Email notifications include:

  • Hold pick-up or cancellation
  • Notice of overdue materials (14 days after due date)
  • Courtesy notices reminding you that items are due within 7 days for all materials except tools, which generate notices 3 days before the due date. Items that circulate for less than 3 days do not generate courtesy notices.

Phone notifications include:

  • Hold pick-up
  • Notice of overdue materials (14 days after due date)
  • Courtesy notices are not available for patrons who choose phone notification.


  • Hold pick-up and cancellation
  • Notice of overdue materials (14 days after due date)
  • Item replacement bills
  • Courtesy notices are not available for patrons who choose this mail notification.

All replacement bills are mailed to patrons regardless of notification preference.

When email and phone notices are undeliverable after the first attempt to send, a print notice is generated and mailed.

The Library strives to ensure that notices are sent out in a timely manner. Notices are generated and sent daily Monday through Saturday. Delivery and receipt of a circulation notice is not guaranteed. Factors not under the direct control of the library can hinder delivery of e-mail, telephone messages, and notices sent by post; therefore, the Library is not responsible for circulation notices that do not reach patrons in a timely manner. Please make sure that email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses are kept current. Account information may be updated at any Berkeley Public Library location.

Some email programs and system servers identify email from Berkeley Public Library as spam. To help ensure that you receive notices, place this address in your contacts list or address book:  Do not send email to this address or reply to email notices you receive from the library.