"The Last Tiger in Haiti" docent talk @Central CMR

October 24, 2016 - 4:00pm-4:45pm (ended)

3rd floor Community Meeting Room

Come hear about the Berkeley Repertory Theatre's "The Last Tiger in Haiti", Jeff Augustin's remarkable and gripping narrative of survival, betrayal, and the power of a story. There once lived five kids in modern-day Haiti, all entangled in a dark history of servitude. Huddled in a tent on Mister’s land, they’d spin spellbinding folktales, vying for the title of best storyteller—and dreaming of their freedom. When two of them reunite 15 years later, the boundary between reality and fiction vanishes, revealing secrets of their past more haunting than any of the tales they told. Don't miss the chance to learn more this wrold premiere, which will be at Berkeley Repertory Theatre from October 14 - November 27. The 45 minute presentation includes time for questions. Visit www.berkeleyrep.org for more information about the play.

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