Welcome Back Otters @Central CMR

River Otter
River Otter
April 1, 2017 - 2:00pm-3:30pm (ended)

River otters are making a comeback in the Bay Area after almost disappearing from the region in the last century.  These charismatic carnivores make wonderful ambassadors for river and wetland restoration and conservation efforts.  Yet, little is known about their population, range, and seasonal eating habits in the Bay Area.  The River Otter Ecology Project has taken on the challenge of discovering and documenting their ecological niche, with the goal of informing land use decisions and preserving habitat for these lively aquatic mammals.


Join Megan Isadore, head of the River Otter Ecology Project,  as we discuss what’s known, what needs to be discovered, and just how we manage to research elusive, secretive mammals who slide into the water and disappear when approached.  We'll show slides and videos from our ottercams,  and discuss the project and the role that citizen science plays in this otterly exciting work! 


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