Resume Workshop @Central CMR

January 28, 2020 - 5:30pm-6:30pm (ended)

Are you looking for work and need to update your resume? 

Do you want to improve the resume you have? 

Learn to prepare your resume to pass the 3 resistance points, whether screened by robot or human. At-a-glance, convince your reader you deserve attention.

This workshop will cover ways to improve traction for career changers who are advancing, transitioning and re-entering a career environment. You will learn to set up your resume to emphasize your strengths, improve your resume’s readability, show you in action, and gain advantage. We will also address ways to overcome problems in job changing such as gaps, new industry, new level, new job function, new degree/ certification, and more.

The workshop leader is a professional resume writer/marketing communications expert. This free, informal workshop focuses on the interests of participants and is intended to assist in taking next steps with better results. The leader has written more than a thousand custom resumes across industries, job functions and experience levels. A handout will be available for participants.

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