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Pedal Inn Presents: Bike Camping 101 @CentralCMR

The Bay Area offers some of the most captivating nature destinations (and bike rides) anywhere, attracting camping and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. Berkeley Public Library invites Nick and Lindy of Pedal Inn to share their knowledge and love of bike camping in the Bay Area. Find out what to pack, where to go, and how to eat incredibly well when you get there (without an ice chest!). Test ride one of Pedal Inn’s fully loaded touring bikes, check out the best of bike camping and camp kitchen gear, and get answers to all your bike camping questions.

Book Babies & Tiny Tots @Claremont

Ages 6 to 18 months

Join us for bounces, tickles, books, songs and musical instruments with our youngest. This story time is formulated specifically for infants, babies and toddlers, and their participating adults. Not suitable for daycares and similar groups. For more information call 510-981-6280.

An open "Stay and Play" time with toys and manipulatives follows this program. (Seating is limited; there are two sessions, 10:15 and 11:15am)