Creating Second Ecologies @Central CMR

Cere Davis photo
August 24, 2019 - 3:00pm-4:00pm (ended)

In the 3rd floor Community Meeting Room. 

What “rules” guide the murmuration of a flock of birds as they dynamically twist and bend their way through the sky? Why do forms of natural emergent dynamics capture our attention as visually and auditory resonant? This lecture, presented by Cere Davis, will touch on the art of designing interactive exhibits, as second ecologies, which allow us to deepen our relationship and understanding of disparate forms of complex behavior. We will discuss the creative path of exploring emergent phenomena through the lens and process of scientific inquiry.

Cere Davis is a science-artist, kinetic sculptor and science educator based in the bay area of California. She has a degree in Physics from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and early career working in scientific fields ranging from volcanic lightning to liquid crystals to research at the South Pole station of Antarctica. Her works are analog experiments in emergent dynamics which bridge new forms of media/interactive art and kinetic sculpture. As a part of her work she collaborates with scientists and artists to inspire scientific curiosity and participatory learning through interactive art and critical making. Through her exhibits, lectures and exploratory research, Cere wants to invite our senses and intution to re-engage in a timeless conversation about science and society.

See more of Cere's work on her website

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